Why Chuseok is also a time for television

2020 Idol Star Athletics Championships


Charye, Beolcho, and Songmyo are important rituals of traditional Chuseok. But, watching television specials is an important modern ritual. In South Korea, perhaps the most searched term is “Chuseok bang songpyeon seongpyo” (추석방송편성표), which translates to “Chuseok broadcast schedule."

Did you know?

Popular TV channels like SBS, MBC, and KBS will play movies, dramas, and variety shows throughout the holiday. While most TV dramas take a break and resume after Chuseok, popular ones might not. Chuseok is also a test bed for new shows, so many pilot programs are shown at this time and continue on if they are popular enough. There are also quiz shows with foreigners, as well as variety show specials with celebrities and idols. One regularly occurring broadcast is Idol Star Championships (아이돌 육상대회), which is an event in which many Kpop groups get together and participate in a small, Olympic-like sports event.